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News on The 700 Club: September 20, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Sept 20.:

Operation Blessing Helps Stroke Victim, Family Stay Together after Florence

Henry is bedridden due to strokes, but wants to be home with his family. Operation Blessing clears out...

CBN NewsWatch AM: September 20, 2018

CBN NewsWatch AM: September 20, 2018

700 Club Canada: September 20, 2018

Watch the 700 Club Canada for September 20, 2018

Faith Nation: September 19, 2018

Faith Nation: September 19, 2018

“I Didn’t Know Jesus Could Save Me!”

It all started when Venita, raised in a Buddhist family, went to church for the first time and watched...

Fleeing War, Finding Hope

Nine-year-old Valeria heard the Russian bombs and gunfire getting closer to her home in Ukraine. Fearing for their lives,...

“Send the Angels to Help Us!”

Uziel and his parents survived the earthquakes in Mexico, but lost their home. This young believer assured his folks...

“The anger is gone from my heart!”

Miguel always fought with his mom—over food, chores, everything. Mom’s patience had long run out. Then, to her amazement,...

These Kids Needed a Home

After raising five biological children, David and Yvette were heartbroken when they learned of three young siblings who were...

A Life of Dedication and Love

Arlene loves children. As career teacher and longtime CBN partner, she has dedicated her life to helping children all...

Would She Ever Feel Pretty?

Yi loves to dance and be the center of attention, but when other kids saw her face they were...

Your “Don’t Worry” Financial Plan

Daniel and Nancy were hard workers and big spenders—until they both lost their jobs. Monthly bills exceeded their unemployment...

Holocaust Survivor Gives Thanks

Chava is 94 and lives in Israel. The only member of her family who survived the Nazi death camp...

Step by Step—Growing Your Finances

John and Amy went from two incomes and no kids to one income and nine kids! Learn the strategy...

'Smear Him with Some Sexual Impropriety': Kavanaugh Accuser Given a Deadline to Testify

'Smear Him with Some Sexual Impropriety': Kavanaugh Accuser Given a Deadline to Testify

700 Club Interactive - September 20, 2018

A young athlete is rushed to the ER and his parents team up with the surgeons for a miracle.

God is Greater than Your Feelings

What do you do when you feel like you’re not “okay” with God? We don’t go by feelings...