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Couple Finds No Freedom After Divorce

Four years into their marriage, Chris turned his back on God and his marriage to Stephanie. After their divorce,...

Anyone Can Apply the Bible to Everyday Life

Dr. Matt Harmon helps young and seasoned believers understand and apply their Bibles to every day life.

Finding Purpose in Your Work

CEO of Halftime Insitute, Dean Niewolny, shares how he helps others find their passion and work within their gifts...

Brought Together through Brokenness

Abused and desperate for love, Brian and Heather lived in constant fear of their fathers. Their brokenness brought them...

Blast the Sugar from Your Diet!

Best-selling author and physician, Dr. Ian Smith, discusses how we can improve our health by reducing sugar in our diets.

Christian Music’s Nicole C. Mullen Talks Mentoring

Christian recording artist, Nicole C. Mullen discusses how her faith impacts investing in and mentoring young people.

Nicole C Mullen on the Importance of Being a Mentor and Sings 'Arise'

Grammy-nominated singer Nicole C. Mullen discusses her faith and how she invests in young people through mentoring.

Releasing the Painful Memories of Childhood

Grace's childhood was a mess of drugs, gang activity and the death of her sister. She learned to cope...

Jaci Velasquez On Living An Entertainer’s Dream

The singer, writer, actress and fashion designer shares her struggles and triumphs with her career, faith and motherhood.

Singer Jaci Velasquez Blessed through Trusting God

Christian musician Jaci Velasquez discusses her new album and how the Lord is blessing her through the experience of...

Pain Brings Active Lifestyle to a Halt

Years after her knee replacement, Faye began experiencing debilitating hip pain. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong, but she longed...

Making a Living From Anger

Mitch tried to escape the pain of childhood abuse, but drugs, alcohol, and fighting didn't make it disappear. Then...

Motorcycle Accident Victim: "I Knew I Was Dead"

Gordon didn't expect to survive when a speeding car hit him head on. But after a mysterious encounter at...

How a Smiling God Brings Joy to Wounded World

Author and speaker Lisa Harper shares how her life is forever changed by adopting a dying child from Haiti.

We Are Called to Have Joy

Author and speaker Lisa Harper talks about adopting her daughter from Haiti, and discusses how God-given joy is a...

Truth Doesn’t Have a Side

Dr. Bennet Omalu discusses his groundbreaking research connecting the dangers of concussions and the world of sports.

Protecting Kids from the Dangers of Concussions

Dr. Bennet Omalu's groundbreaking research revealed the devastating effects of brain injuries in athletes. Now, he discusses how to...

The "Good Child" Hits the Party Scene?

Kammy thought she would find love and acceptance through partying, but soon found herself with no one to turn to.