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CBN Global Update: May 22, 2017

Watch this special report of what CBN is doing around the world. Read Transcript

30,000 students in Nepal were able to meet

their favorite "Superbook" character thanks to CBN's

ministry partner in Nepal.

They launched a Superbook Gizmo tour

to schools, churches, and community centers

all around the country, raising awareness

of the show which airs on national TV throughout Nepal.

The first tour started in an area where most of the people

are Hindu.

The program entertains the kids and builds awareness

on health education, moral values, child rights, and child


Some kids walked three to four hours

just so they could be a part of this event.

So far, the tour has traveled to 15 places

and well over 200 participating schools.

Well, to learn more about what CBN is doing around the world,

go to

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