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Opera Singer: God Made Me Whole

Morris Robinson was a football standout who, after working a decade in sales and feeling unfulfilled, he found doors opening in the opera world. Read Transcript


There were so many things that happened

along the way of this journey that Maurice Robinson could not

have manufactured.

God has a plan for all of us and we don't know what it is.

You have to be patient and wait on Him and He will guide you.


How would you finish this sentence?

God made me--



Why is that?

I've been able to experience a lot of different things

in life.

I was a full time athlete.

A lot of kids dream of that.

Being able to go to play Division 1 college football

and be on the team and hang out with the fellows.

I did that.

God gave me life in the business world.

He gave me a family.

I'm a dad.

I've gotten to do all these things,

but the one thing that he's really blessed me with

to kind of bring it all together is the ability

to express myself musically.

I had no idea at all, no aspirations, no hopes

and dreams at all, of being a professional singer.

That never crossed my mind.

My mother was always in my ear saying you should be singing.

You should never walk away from music.

She made me join the Pastor's Choir.

At the African-American church, the kids choir

is always the Pastor's Choir.

So I was in the Pastor's Choir.

And I didn't want to be a singer,

I wanted to be a drummer.

But I was too young to do that.

So James Cleveland had a song called "Can't Nobody

Do Me Like Jesus".

And they would play it on the stereo all the time.

(SINGING) Can't nobody do me like Jesus.

And it was really--

I got busted singing it.

I was in my room, (SINGING) can't nobody do me like-

and my mom like, was that you?

No, it wasn't me.

And next thing you know, I'm standing in a chair on Sunday


because I was so little, they couldn't see me

over the banister.

I was standing on a chair.

And I've seen it.

And it was like on WALK radio, and they had the tape recorder.

So there's probably a recording of it somewhere.

So you go from playing at the Citadel All-American NFL

aspirations, but that becomes a closed door.

You move into sales, and you're in it for almost a decade.

My second or third year at 3M, I was rep of the year.

I sold a half a million diskettes

to the International Monetary Fund in DC or something

like that.

And I was nailing it, and I was doing great at it.

But it was just like, this isn't really what I had in my spirit.

Was there a certain point in that 10 year window

where that became a weight, or where that really

began stirring?

I just knew that I need to be doing something else.

So at the time I thought I just need another job.

I got to do something else.

I'm doing this is and this is great.

But maybe if I made more money and had a bigger opportunity

and controlled a larger territory, I'd feel better.

So I took the job with a division of Exxon Monsanto

selling thermoplastic elastomers in New England.

And it got worse.

I was making almost twice as much money,

and I was miserable.

Like, I just could not figure out

what it was I should be doing.

It was while I was there, I auditioned for the New England

Conservatory of Music.

But what compelled you to take that audition?

I was riding through downtown Boston.

I think I pulled over and went in and said hey look,

I don't know what I'm doing here.

But I kind of sing a little bit.

And I got the application.

I filled it out and I went in like, a few weeks later

and sang the national anthem for them.

And they were like, have you ever thought

about singing opera?

I was like, no.

Well, with a voice like yours, you should.

So that was kind of like the beginning of this journey.


Some people think this guy, does he work hard at this?

Why is it happening for him?

They have no idea how much I rely

on the strength and the guidance of the Lord, who

has given me this.

What advice would you give to someone who might be watching,

who is in the thick of what they believe

to be the American dream, and doesn't have peace?

I always say that God will reveal his plan for you,

and you just have to wait it out.

It may seem insurmountable and unbearable.

But you stay with what you're doing,

and the Lord will present an opportunity for you.


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